1. General Rules
a. League has the right to change and/or add rules at any time to improve the league
c. League will not tolerate any bad language over the mic or text during an event (This will results in points deduction)
d. League will not tolerate any arguing or blaming of other drivers during an event (This will result in points deduction)
e. An event is from the time the server opens till the time it closes
f. Wheels are mandatory to compete at iRaceSims
g. Failure to follow all iracesims rules will results in driver being removed from event

2. Server
a. Drivers must be registered with iRaceSims on the iRacing league directory
b. Server will be dynamic weather for each event. Laps will be stated with the schedule in below rules section
c. All race servers will be controlled by Iracing.  We will not clear any flags or change how the server is being ran.
f. There will be no talking or texting during qualifying
g. There will be no texting permitted during a race
h. Drivers may communicate during a race with each other to help improve the racing through chat.

3. Racing
a. iRaceSims will use the Iracing code of conduct for the servers.
b. League will not tolerate any intentional wrecking or retaliation 
c. Drivers will be held to a two caution rule.  After a single driver brings out 2 cautions, on the third caution the driver will have to park for the rest of that event
d. Road racing events will have no cautions
e. Leader has the ability to start the race from the moment the pace car pulls into pit road until the track is green
f.  On a start or restart drivers can only pass to the outside until crossing the start finish line.  
g. Once the track is green it is green to all drivers.  
h.  If a driver starts before the leader or before the track is green they are subject to penalty only if protested.  
i. Dirt and road course events will have single file restarts

4. Points
a. The S1 Elite series will have 8 points events
b. Drivers willl be able to drop a race and use there best 7 races for the title
c. There will be bonus points for: Leading a lap, leading the most laps, 0 incidents in the main event, most positions gained, finishing the race
d. Drivers will lose a point for every 10 incidents they receive
e. Positions will be separated by 1 point each.  First will receive 50 pts, second 49pts, third 48 pts....and so on

5. Protesting
a.  If a driver sees something happen on the track that is not within the rules they have the ability to protest that individual silently.
b.  To protest a driver let an admin know after the race what happened during the race and around what lap this event took place. 
c.  You can private message an admin on iracing with this information. 
d.  Admins will go back and review the events from the protest information and make a decision.  Both sides will have returned messages with the results.  The protesting driver will no be disclosed to anyone. 

6. Schedule

1/30 - GT3 - Daytona (Dusk) 2HOUR

2/6 - Legends - Thompson Speedway (Afternoon) TWIN 50'S

2/20 - Asphalt Street Stocks- Rockingham (Day) 100LAPS

2/27 - Asphalt Latemodels - Southern National Motorsports Park (NIGHT) 125LAPS

3/6 - Dirt Modifieds - Lanier (NIGHT) HEATS 10LAPS : FEATURE 100LAPS

3/13 - V8 Super Car - Watkins Glenn (DAY) 60LAPS

3/20 - Nascar Trucks - Eldora (NIGHT) 100LAPS

3/27 - Whelen Modifieds - Martinsville (DAY) 200LAPS